Targeted & Programmatic Advertizing

Effectiveness, efficiency, measurability and targetability in all things related to advertizing.


Sub DMA advertizing

Advertizing will never be the same again with ATSC 3.0. From hyper local to sub DMA, from device targeting to retargeting, from programmatic to direct deals, broadcast advertizing is in a state of transition. GAIATV 3.0's AdWize platform is your ideal partner in this transformation.

Individual Household Targeting

Household targeting on disconnected(no reverse path) one-way devices is the hallmark of GAIATV 3.0's Adwize platform.

Intra-DMA yield optimization

GAIATV 3.0's machine learning and data science algorithms help optimize yield from your ad break configurations.

Ad Exchange integration

Let the power of digital advertizing and real-time bidding work for you. Eliminate the middlemen. GAIATV 3.0's Adwize platform offers you a white labelled ad exchange as a service.

iAB compliance

Create standrads compliant new ad products. Offer innovative ad solutions. GAIATV 3.0's Adwize platform is fully iAB compliant helping you leverage the latest in digital advertizing standards.

Interactive Advertizing

Imagine the brave new world where every broadcast advertizement is an interactive ad. This is the future of ATSC 3.0. GAIATV 3.0's Adwize platform brings you this feature here and now.

Programmatic AdExchange