Out-of-Home Broadcasting

ATSC 3.0 file based content delivery capabilities, signaling and notification capabilities make it an ideal delivery network for enterprise video applications. Large enterprises engaged in marketing, citizen outreach, consumer marketing in domains like retail, education, healthcare and travel industries can now operate nextgen signage enterprise network over OTA 3.0.

Highlighted Applications

Live TV broadcast inside OTA signage

Disruptive signage solutions out of home, with live TV by GAIATV 3.0 brings new market opportunities

Real-time, synchronous content delivery

Digital Signage platform brings a holistic and smart signage management portal with interactive UI, making it personalized and valuable for end user

Interactive apps & widgets

Real-time and synchronous content delivery with OTA signage gives targeted and contextual content stream

Designer tool for custom content creation

GAIATV 3.0 provides all hooks and interfaces to trade in broadcast bit delivery operations in a realtime marketplace offering, giving targeted, personalized and contextual content delivery

Private Ad Marketplace

GAIATV 3.0 OTA signage gives access to hassle free interactive app and widget framework




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  • GAIATV 3.0 On Wheels

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  • The ATSC 3.0 Masterclass

    Specially designed for the CXO's & Senior Executives in the broadcast industry to develop an immediately actionable 3.0 strategy