Over the Top OTA

Seamless merging of OTT and OTA delivery mediums and associated technologies on both sides to ensure a delightful UX, higher ARPU potential by offering what can truly be called the NextGen TV.

Highlighted Applications

DRM And Linear Monetization

Advanced content protection and linear monetization schemes to enrich content broadcast

Voice Assisted Conversational UI

Voice assisted interactive UI by GAIATV 3.0 allows for simpler and hassle free interface.

Content Marketplace Support

Open content marketplace provides opportunities to partner with GAIATV 3.0 and help them leverage marketplace economies

Broadcast Operation Integration Tools

All the necessary tools to help the broadcasters have their operations up and running on GAIATV 3.0 are incorporated into a simple cloud based portal that functions as one stop control panel

Store Ready Apps

Apps for devices of various form factors that are both App store and Play store grade, thus helping deliver enhanced content




Coming to a DMA near you

  • GAIATV 3.0 On Wheels

    A full-featured, mobile POC for broadcasters to explore. Book now to stay ahead of your competition

  • The ATSC 3.0 Masterclass

    Specially designed for the CXO's & Senior Executives in the broadcast industry to develop an immediately actionable 3.0 strategy