New Market Opportunities

Capabilities offered as SaaS APIs and/or software libraries ensuring OTA user experience leapfrogs over OTT and MVPD offerings.


OTA Signage

Disrupt a whole industry by offering signage solutions out of home. Ranging from bill boards to kiosks, OTA signage can change TCO of the whole industry by orders of magnitude.

Enterprise Datacasting as a Service

Offer open, secure broadcast grade datacasting services on demand to enterprises across large geographies. From live maps to iOT notifications, many applications can leverage an open API based broadcast datacasting platform.

3.0 Appstore SDK

GAIATV 3.0's ATSC 3.0 app SDK allows for broadcasters and content houses alike to develop unique apps meant for broadcasting unique content experiences.

Bandwidth Marketplace

ATSC broadcast bit needs to meet a 5G telco bit from a position of strength. This strength comes if one can trade in broadcast bit delivery operations in a realtime marketplace. GAIATV 3.0 platform provides all the hooks and interfaces to do so.

Broadcast as a Service

What is a ATSC 3.0 Broadcast? Is it Data? Is it App? Is it Video? NO, IT IS BROADCASTING USER EXPERIENCE!

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