Think Non-linear

Open up a whole market opportunity with smart content pipe created by GAIATV 3.0 with SFN capabilities for a category of apps that are best consumed on large device form factor meant for TV sets.

Highlighted Applications

Integrate Payment Options

Integrate the payment option of your choice to the GAIATV 3.0 appstore to provide your users with easy payment option from the TV itself, and allows faster payouts for the services they purchase. Integrated payment options helps in creating an interactive and immersive TV experience for the users.

Fast App authoring

Create your apps using the Appstore service from GAIATV 3.0 Appstore as a Service feature and provide your users with required apps directly from the TV screen. Faster app authoring allows you to create new and tweak the existing apps without causing inconvenience to your users.

Template according to needs

Create your apps for the appstore using pre-loaded templates curated according to your expectations so that the app you create becomes easy to build and use. Having apps on the TV screen would cut out the necessity of users to use a second screen, therefore retaining the eyeballs on the screen you want.

Performance Optimization with Analytics

Optimze your marketing practices and improve your revenue generation by tracking the user interest acording to their applications. Powerful user analytics tools allows you to create better campaigns with a higher conversion rate.

Protect your Money

Secure your payment gateways through the GAIATV 3.0 Appstore as a service features.




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