Curated, multi-lingual, open-feeds based overlay factory

Now Broadcasters have the ability to use much more interactive Lower 3rd graphics with the abilities that GAIATV 3.0 provides. The graphic overlays can be personalized by the user, interactive to give more information on the content/ads, bring more revenues to the broadcasters.

Highlighted Applications

No More Static Lower Thirds. Every Lower Third Is A Broadcaster App

Dynamic and interactive lower third overlays ensuring competitive edge in the marketplace and value addition to services.

In-Built Personalized Advertizing Support

Personalized graphic overlays and locally immersive content stream, targeted towards each user. Enables pull-based, real-time and cloud-curated content generation and delivery services, targeting the content consumption patterns of the viewers.

iAB Compliant Advertizing

Create standard compliant new ad products, offer innovative ad solutions. GAIATV 3.0's Adwize platform is fully iAB compliant, helping you leverage the latest in digital advertizing standard.

Platform Marketplace To Source Niche Lower Third Feeds Worldwide

Offers personalized graphic overlays and locally immersive content stream, targeted and personalized for each user.

Three Monetization Models - Ad Supported, Content Provider Pays, Consumer Pays

Offers three models of monetization powered by ad overlays, content provider outlays and outlays by the consumer.




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  • The ATSC 3.0 Masterclass

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