Over the Air Notifications

High volume, low latency, virtually infinite scale broadcast notification service for demanding digital applications. Mission critical application providers of today need to reach/notify/alert their customers instantly on an as needed basis at very high and bursty volumes of traffic.

Highlighted Applications

Open API design ensures easy integration to enterprise PaaS platforms

Ensures a better platform with greater control due to open API design architecture.

Highly secure platform ensures end-to-end data privacy

In-built protocols in the platform stack to ensure complete data privacy through layers of encryption.

iOS & Android APIs allow for easy app integration

Offers standardized API processes for both iOS and Android for seamless integration. Production ready features for easier adoption and integration in the already functional system.

Supports variable payload sizes & delivery models

Instantaneous delivery of notifications despite variable payloads. Compatibility across delivery models through standardized targetting framework.

AI driven yield optimization engine ensures optimal bandwidth utilization

Middleware architecture design powered by AI insights for optimal yield and effective consumption of the available bandwidth




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