Monetize better, Grow faster by applying analytics & learning

Make AI, ML, BigData work for you. Move away from a predominantly one size fits all broadcast world to now target by user behavior, environmental conditions, device profiles to name a few. Such targeting capability, The WHO, the HOW and WITH WHAT of targeting are what GAIATV 3.0 brings to the table.

Highlighted Applications

Sophisticated User Analytics powered by Big Data and Machine Learning

Offers valuable insights and foresights to derive credible value of the data pockets soaked through big data, AI, ML and analytics

Real Time Notifications on entity state changes

Offers real-time view of the statistics with actionable recommendations based on integration of third party ad-exchanges

Targeting solutions built on huge sets of anonymized user data

Utilization of AI, ML and Data Science powered tools to derive insights into raw user data pockets for targetted and personalized content viewing.

Lambda Architecture driven design for speed & batch layer processing

Lambda Architecture to balance latency, throughput, and fault-tolerance. Maintaining real time stream processing to handle large quantities of data

Powerful Visualization API

Allows creation, sharing and reusing powerful visualizations on the fly, for meaningful analysis of the data




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  • GAIATV 3.0 On Wheels

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  • The ATSC 3.0 Masterclass

    Specially designed for the CXO's & Senior Executives in the broadcast industry to develop an immediately actionable 3.0 strategy