Interactivity & Advanced User Experiences

Sophisticated monetization and consumption schemes offered to the content industry for enabling faster, precise and sticky adoption.


Digital Rights Management

Advanced content protection and monetization schemes to enrich your broadcast with premium content services

Push VOD

Facilitate hybrid content distribution and consumption models


Diversify your offerings by Paywalling your broadcast service at select times or for special events

Cloud DVR

Delight your consumers by offering white labeled off the shelf platform features like CatchupTV

Insights and Analytics

Insights & foresights on audience behavior offered off the shelf on the GAIATV 3.0 platform, with rich analytics and visualization tools

Companion OTT

Is it OTT? Is it OTA? Is it Streaming or Is it Broadcasting? IT IS A NEXT GEN CONTENT EXPERINCE WITH ATSC 3.0 on GAIATV 3.0!

vMVPD apps on all appstores

Offer your broadcast service inside of a receiver app. Choose from a variety of Receiver App templates made available by GAIATV 3.0 platform

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