Codeless A/344 Appgen

Rapid application development for broadcasters to quickly & inexpensively build, deploy, maintain A/344 runtime apps leveraging all GAIATV 3.0 services.

Highlighted Applications

Designer as a service helps author BAs on the fly

WYSIWYG authoring tool to build broadcast apps effortlessly using simple drag and drop of required components

Insights driven targeting of BAs

AI, ML and Data Science tools to build, deploy and maintain A/344 runtime apps leveraging the ATSC 3.0 potential to full throttle

Modular BA applets help add horizontal capability to custom BAs

In-built personalized advertizing support

In-built ads that are contextually relevant, interactive and IAB standard complaint.

GPU accelerated graphics gives broadcast grade look and feel

Built-in apps with broadcast grade functionality by effortless and simple drag and drop components within the App Authoring Tool



ota broadcast

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