Alerting Reimagined

GAIATV 3.0 Alerting as a Service is a high available service, offered from the cloud direct to broadcasters to provide contextual, targeted, hi fidelity and interactive alerts

Highlighted Applications

Personalized & Interactive Alerts

Ensures smart targeting, reliable and low capex proposition for broadcasters to gain competitive edge through high-fidelity, timely, valuable, interactive and detailed graphic weather updates and alerts.

In-situ Social Media Integration enhances value

Allows live feeds integrated across media, for comprehensive real time emergency alerts, weather updates over a single screen

Near real-time alerting direct from all federal & local alerting platforms

Captures every point of OTA+OTT hybrid directly from cloud to ATSC tower. Integrated with and all major federal, local weather feeds.

Contextual, Subliminal Advertizing support

Offers contextual, targeted, high-fidelity, timely, valuable and detailed graphic content related to weather conditions and emergencies in the area. Also offers targeted and subliminal ad-support to further the services.

Alerting on the Go ensures broadcaster relevance on mobile devices

Timely and personalized emergency alerts and updates for broadcasters, ensuring better outreach by integration of broadcasting and IP transmission over a single stream.




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