GAIATV 3.0 - The platform built for and by broadcasters

Turbo charges your ATSC 3.0 game

GAIATV 3.0 protects, grows, and realizes the next order of business opportunities for broadcasters, made possible by ATSC 3.0 core capabilities, as well as the market and technological conditions prevailing at the time of ATSC 3.0 launch

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The GAIATV 3.0 platform component that initiates station operations with ATSC 3.0 broadcast

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Our micro services workflow and orchestration fabric gives your business agility and technical superiority

ATSC 3.0


Our platform component software that makes from TV sets, media players, tablets, phones, car dash to kiosks ATSC 3.0 ready


Checklist for a successful ATSC 3.0 adoption

Thoroughly researched & curated from our experiences with broadcasters, the all-you-need-checklist for ATSC 3.0 launch in US market


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  • GAIATV 3.0 On Wheels

    A full-featured, mobile POC for broadcasters to explore. Book now to stay ahead of your competition

  • The ATSC 3.0 Masterclass

    Specially designed for the CXO's & Senior Executives in the broadcast industry to develop an immediately actionable 3.0 strategy